Discover the future

Long contract terms and notice periods were yesterday. Our platform changes the purpose of how offices will work in the future.

How it works

Companies and individuals who have unused desks in their offices can find suitable subtenants through our matchmaking platform. Subtenants then benefit from short contract terms as well as monthly notice periods, while tenants can optimize their rental costs. We also made it our mission to create a unique network all around the world.

Why now

Due to long lease terms as well as increasing environmental changes, it is becoming more and more difficult for tenants to fully utilize their office during the entire lease term. But other factors are important as well We have identified the following three drivers:

  • Hybrid Work

  • Outdated System

  • Sharing Economy

Become a Host

Visit our website and register as a Host. After that you will be able to advertise your unused desks. There will be no charges until you have found matching subtenants for your desks. After that we will handle all payment transactions and provide you a contract template.

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